Self-management of physical and mental fitness of older workers

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  • fit4work offers a worker support tool for an active management of ergonomic risks at work in factories. Our solution can be deployed and customised as an on-site training and monitoring solution or offered as a service to meet the general ergonomic risk analysis and intervention needs of manufacturing SMEs.

    Our clients are large companies and SMEs who choose to implement advanced ergonomic risk prevention solutions as a competitive advantage for their business. fit4work offers a variety of customised dashboards, messaging systems, wizards and analysis services, which can be tailored to the worker and the risk prevention technician needs. With fit4work, the workforce can progressively adapt their behaviour on-the-spot to reduce the ergonomic risk levels to a minimum. The prevention department, on the other hand, can improve the workplace design to reduce or eliminate risks and all based on a continuous privacy-preserving stream of data about the interaction of the workforce with the workplace.

    Our solution is built on solid Future Internet technical foundations, support a modular programmable Internet architecture, the most advanced IoT technologies and the best ergonomic analysis methods, which is a unique asset to deliver robust services to our customers, with high personalisation at low cost and with a native cloud support.